Training Opportunities






“Mandy is an incredible asset to our ministry! Investing in Mandy to do our research and grant writing frees me to spend time with our donors, meet with potential supporters, etc. As a new Executive Director with many questions, I highly recommend Mandy. She has given me a wealth of information!” Vicki Murray, ED at Safe Harbor Rescue Mission – January, 2014

“Amanda’s workshop on grant writing not only provided an excellent starting point for my agency’s grant considerations, but assisted me in realizing that my agency really needed to re-evaluate it’s current position. This information enabled me to prevent our agency from making a costly mistake. I strongly recommend Amanda’s workshop and guidance to any agency considering grants and growth.” Mark Bumgarner – March 1, 2012

“Amanda’s grant writing seminar is well balanced. Amanda brings specific examples of personal success in securing grants, takes the time to carefully research the interests and needs of participants, and applies this information to best meet the needs of participants. DDTI is pleased to engage with Amanda to continue to provide seminars on successful grant writing.” 2012

“The grant writing seminar I attended was one of the better trainings I’ve been to, including topics other than grant writing. The costs for this is very reasonable for the amount of information you will receive. I highly recommend this!” Jarrod Dunbar – March 2, 2012